If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

This podcast explores the process and best practices for creating successful mural projects. Each episode will be a half hour deep dive interview with art advocates, artists, art commissioners, public art planners, as well as field notes from past mural projects to both demystify the process as well celebrate the impact of a public space activated through art.

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    San Jose Director of Public Art Michael Ogilvie (Ep. 11)

    Running the public art program for the tenth largest city in the united states is no easy task. Michael walks us through how public art projects happen in San Jose, as well as the vision for the public art program in one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

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    Creativity is Contagious: Bringing lessons from Burningman home to the suburbs (Ep. 9)

    Software engineer by day and arts advocate by night, Jason Newblanc brought inspiration from his annual pilgrimages to Burning man back to his hometown, Redwood City. His efforts were the beginning of the transformation of “Deadwood City” to Redwood City: The Arts Destination on the Peninsula. The Commercial Way Mural Alley in Redwood City, a series of seven murals that transformed a blighted alleyway, was his brainchild. He believes creativity is contagious and that good art “pushes the edges”.

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    City Art Success Story with Chris Beth (Ep. 7)

    Chris Beth, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Redwood City, shares how his town went from a ghost town to the most vibrant arts destination on the peninsula, reviving the downtown businesses and community engagement and vibrancy.

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    The Benefit of a City Master Plan with Amanda Golden (Ep. 6)

    In this episode Amanda Golden, Principal of Designing Local discusses the benefits of having a city master plan, including identifying various sources for funding the public art, having a plan that individuals or businesses can participate in, the pull of art dense communities, and the magic of site-specific, context-specific artwork.

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    Artist's Perspective with Paz de la Calzada and Shannon Geis (Ep. 5)

    Lunch break on the job site with artists Paz de la Calzada and Shannon Geis. We interview each other and cover money, the benefits of working with other artists, the challenges artist are facing in San Francisco and the benefits of painting over each other’s work

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    Public Art as a Catalyst for Social Change with Brad Maihack (Ep. 4)

    Brad Maihack is on the board of zero1.org and founder of Social Venture Café. The topics covered in this podcast include: the importance of protecting the experimental, incubation phase of the creative process, the importance of collaboration and integration of feedback for public artists, and the potential for public art projects to create social change. Brad also fills us in about a new public art project he is embarking on in Sonoma

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    Supporting the Art Community in the City of Palo Alto with Elise Demarzo (Ep. 3)

    Part Two of an Interview with Elise DeMarzo, Director of the Public Art Program for the City of Palo Alto. In this episode, we will discuss how Palo Alto supports its artist community and how they plan years in advance to integrate artwork into to the building process. We explore the fine line between accommodating the positive psychological impact art can have on a community and the merit of more challenging, thought provoking pieces. We also discuss the benefits of temporary art, and how a short time frame can allow for more experimentation and spectacle.

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    Engaging the Community in the Public Art Process with Elise DeMarzo (Ep. 2)

    Interview with Elise DeMarzo, Director of the Public Art Program for the City of Palo Alto. We discuss how to ensure artwork is site specific and relevant while avoiding design by committee, the trend of including a “selfie moment” in mural art, whether murals should be considered temporary or permanent art and why mural art is one of the most litigious type of art to get made.

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